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Public Fiduciary Department Services
The Public Fiduciary Department was created by the State Legislature for the purpose of handling the affairs of vulnerable adults and the estates of those who die and have no one to manage estates once their gone. The department also manages indigent burials (burial of poor persons).

Areas We Service
We manage
guardianships by helping to make decisions for persons and small estates (under $10,000). Conservatorships, by making decisions for assets of persons. Decedent Estates, making decisions to conclude the affairs of the deceased.

Fees are charged for the services provided.

Step 1: Intake Case Manager
Referrals to an Intake Case Manager are made by different agencies and the Superior Court when there is a concern regarding a vulnerable adult. Preliminary information is gathered regarding the needs of the person. An investigation is initiated regarding whether the person is incapacitated and has no other option than a guardianship and/or conservatorship. The Case Manager then determines whether the Public Fiduciary is the last resort.

Step 2: Court Process
Before the Public Fiduciary takes the case, the person must be determined by the investigation to be incapacitated and appropriate for services through the County. The Public Fiduciary files a petition for appointment of Guardianship and/or Conservatorship (if person has assets over $10,000). Then the person is assigned an Attorney to represent them. A Court Visitor is also assigned the case to give a report to the Court. All alleged incapacitated person has a right to an evidentiary hearing and the Intake Case Manager may testify as to his or her incapacity.

Step 3: Duties Upon Appointment as Guardian & Conservator
The Public Fiduciary makes an inventory within 90 days to be filed with the Court and gets appraisals for valuable assets, such as the residence. The department then works with Real Estate Agents for sale of property. Locks are changed on the residence and a review of important personal papers takes place for financial investments and legal documents. Collection of money from banks occurs and is placed with Pinal County Treasurer in a client account. Once completed, a budget is established and bills are paid. If necessary, transportation is provided to appointments. The Public Fiduciary will also contact service agencies of appointment and signs authorizations. Other duties of the office include:

  • Making decisions for medical treatment
  • Making decisions for placement
  • Handling any legal matters that may be pending
  • Reviewing benefits for appropriateness
  • Disposing of personal and real property
  • Preserving the estate for the protected person
  • Maintaining contact with interested parties
  • Visiting client at placement
  • Reviewing client’s needs with staff
  • Documenting all actions in data base

Charges for Services

Director/Attorney: $100 / hour
Case Manager/Legal Secretary: $ 40 /  hour
Finance/Benefits/Bill Pay: $ 40 /  hour



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