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Disposal Services 

One of the great ways to keep our county clean and beautiful is by properly disposing waste.  Below is information on available disposal services and how to properly dispose certain items.   
Landfill & Transfer Stations - There are several landfills and transfer stations spread throughout Pinal County.  Here you can view a list of locations and contact information.  Please be aware not all landfills and transfer stations operate the same.  Some restrictions may apply differently.  We highly advise to contact the facility with any questions prior to visiting. Hazardous Wastes - Everyone should understand the importance of properly disposing household hazardous waste.  However, many may not realize certain items are considered hazardous or know where to dispose of household hazardous waste.  Here you will find a list of hazardous items and information on a location in Pinal County where you can properly dispose such items.
White Appliance Collection Services - The term "White Appliances" refers to recyclable major appliances that can play a major role in manufacturing raw material-scrap steel and other metals.  White appliance collection services take all types of appliances as long as they are not plastic.  Here you will find a list of items and information about our Pinal County Public Works Material Recovery Center drop-off site. Waste Tires - If you would like to dispose of your waste tires, please come visit our Pinal County Public Works Material Recovery Center. If you are a business that generates waste tires in Pinal County you will need to obtain a Pinal County Waste Tire Disposal Permit.  A downloadable form is available.  Please note this only pertains to businesses.  Here you will find contact/location information and a list of requirements for waste tires.
Earth911 - A great resource to guide you on proper recycling and disposal methods. A handy search engine provides the nearest locations to dispose of batteries, paint, computers, cell phones, old household cleaners, motor oil, various chemicals, CFL light bulbs, and much more.  Also useful for medical items such as medications, syringes, and mercury thermostats.

How do I properly dispose of medical syringes? -Pinal County Material Recovery Center receive numerous calls about medical syringes.  With the growing amount of patients self-injecting medicines at home more people are unfortunately improperly disposing.  Please view our Hazardous Wastes webpage for details on how to properly dispose of medical syringes.


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