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Vekol and Smith Washes Watershed Plan/Environmental Assessments

Pinal County, in association with the Natural Resources Conversation Service (NRCS), is conducting the Vekol Wash and Smith Wash Watersheds Plan/Environmental Assessments (Plan/EAs) to develop and study potential alternatives to mitigate flood hazards and other natural resource concerns in the Hidden Valley/Maricopa/Stanfield area. This study is the first step in creating a comprehensive, regional, long-term plan for addressing flooding and resource concerns in the area. To identify potential alternatives, the study team will be:

  • Collecting data
  • Developing a hydrological model to depict existing flooding hazards
  • Studying environmental resources (i.e. wildlife, vegetation, air quality, soil, recreation)
  • Seeking community input

After potential alternatives are identified, the study team will conduct further evaluation including community input. The Final Plan/EAs are anticipated to be complete in Spring 2021.

Online Comment Form
If you wish to leave comments on the study please use the following link:

Public Meetings
The first Virtual Public Meeting for this project was held in an online format on August 6, 2020 from 5-7pm.  This meeting was recorded and can be viewed at the following link: Vekol & Smith Wash Watershed Plan/Environmental Assessments, Public Scoping Meeting
Note:  A few of the questions/response were not captured on the video, however, they will be documented with the study report.

Study Contact
Christopher Wanamaker/Flood Control Section Chief
Assistant County Engineer
[email protected]



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