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Adopt A County Road Program
The Public Works Road Maintenance department is a proud sponsor of the Adopt A County Road program. Please join our quest to continue to keep our Pinal County roads clean. Having a successful program helps our Pinal County Road Maintenance crews. It prevents spending time on picking up trash from our Pinal County roads and allowing more time for repairs and maintenance.

Who Should Adopt?

  • Individuals, families, youth organizations (12 and older)
  • Religious groups
  • Schools, fraternities and sororities
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Businesses (Company name only on signage)

Participation Details

  • Choose and adopt an available mile of Pinal County roadway for a minimum of two years, click on map below to view available sections (Green = Available and Blue = Volunteer Maintained)
  • Complete the application for usage in the Pinal County Right-of-Way along with providing the name of your group and what message you would like to put on the signage
  • Review Group Leader Actions
  • Review the Safety Requirements for Volunteers
  • Watch the Safety Video - Click on link to view.
  • Complete a safety briefing with your group onsite prior to doing the cleanup
  • Review and Complete Waiver Form prior to cleanup
  • Return the signed volunteer form
  • Complete the Activity Report
  • Report your litter after each cleanup

Items Good to Know

  • The road must be a section of roadway that Pinal County oversees
  • Pinal County will not allow adoption for any subdivision roads
  • The usual length of an adopted road is a mile, but other requests may be considered if deemed feasible
  • A waiver form is required for each event:  Waiver & Photo Release Form
  • Pinal County will provide the initial amount of safety vests needed for new groups starting the program
  • Trash bags are available for the groups, but volunteers will need to bring their own gloves

Pinal County Public Works oversees our Adopt A County Road Program (AACR) as a way for residents and community groups to get involved and help Keep Pinal Pristine. Having a successful program helps keep county man-hours down and allows more time for repairs and maintenance.

The AACR Program is absolutely FREE!

Any individual older than 12 years old, families, youth organizations, religious groups, schools, fraternities/sororities, non-profit organizations and businesses can participate. Any individual or group who would like to volunteer are welcome.

To get started search for an available one-mile section of roadway by viewing the below map. Review the available one-mile section. The road must be a section of roadway that Pinal County oversees. Pinal County will not allow adoption for any subdivision roads. Then submit an application by clicking the link below.

Participation Details

Before your group can head out for your cleanup there is a required safety video to watch and safety requirements to review. The group leader will need to contact Public Works prior to cleanup for scheduling approval and will need to review and submit a waiver once the cleanup is complete.

Public Works will provide safety vest(s) for your first initial cleanup and trash bags. Volunteers will need to bring their own gloves.

Let’s be careful out there and wear all the proper clothing and shoes. The group leader will have a safety briefing onsite prior to cleanup with all volunteers. The group leader will instruct volunteers and go over the safety requirements brochure.

An Adopt A County Road sign will be erected on each mile that will be covered. The sign can be customized with any message, space permitting. You will receive paperwork to submit your sign.

You can reach Pinal County Public Works at (520) 866-6419 or by email at [email protected]

Sample Sign


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