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What is Pavement Preservation?
Pavement Preservation is a cost-effective way to maintain our roads. This program is designed to take direction through funding allocation from Pinal County and the Board of Supervisors. Such a program can vary annually depending on funding available. The overall goal is to have a long-term strategy that enhances pavement performance by having cost-effective practices and treatments to extend pavement life, improve safety and satisfy the needs of our motorists.

There Are Various Types of Treatments to Extend Pavement Life

Chip Seal - a preventive maintenance surface treatment entailing a single application of asphalt emulsion by a distributor followed by a cover aggregate applied by a chip spreader. The surface is then rolled to seat the aggregate.

Crack Seal - a preventive technique in which a crack is prepared cleaned, dried and a high quality sealant material is placed into cracks to prevent infiltration of water into the underlying pavement layers.
Fog Seal - a light application of diluted emulsion sprayed on an existing asphalt surface to enrich aging, weathered surfaces. Fog seals are also used to reduce chip loss on chip seals.

Slurry Seal - a preventive or corrective maintenance surface treatment composed of a mixture of aggregate, emulsified asphalt, mineral filler, additives and water. The slurry seal improves road surface texture and seals and protects the pavement.

Microsurfacing - a skid resistant surface treat-ment composed of a mixture of polymer modi-fied asphalt emulsion, well graded aggregate, mineral filler, water and other additives. Microsurfacing cures more quickly than slurry seal allowing for a thicker application.

Such treatments, plans, and progress 
may vary depending on funding available. 

The Pavement Preservation program listed below is sorted by the Pinal County Board of Supervisor Districts.* 

*All listings may be subject to change due to unforeseen operational factors or barring weather.

Pavement Preservation

  District 1   Treatments - Oracle Area  Planned Schedule


American Ave to Highway 77
Paisano Drive to Highway 79
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April 2020

Friday 4/3 

Saturday 4/4

  District 4   Treatments - Hidden Valley Area Planned Schedule


Biosphere Road to Highway 77

Catalina Hills Drive to Saddlebrooke Blvd

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April 2020

Wednesday 4/1

Thursday 4/2

  District 5   Treatments - Gold Canyon Area Planned Schedule



Mountainbrook Drive

Sleepy Hollow Trail

Breathless Dr, Hideway Ln, Pleasant Pl, Lazy
Ln and Sugar Creek Dr

Alhambra Wy and Hummingbird Ln

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Various roads SE corner of McDowell Blvd and Idaho Rd  

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November 2019

8th, 11th thru 12th

13th thru 14th

October 2019     

Week of 21st

Week of 21st

November 2019



Pavement Preservation


Five Year Pavement Preservation Plan 
Information provided on these maps are intended for informational purposes only and may be subject to change without notice.

Pavement Rehabilitation 2017/2018 Pavement Rehabilitation 2018/2019
Pavement Rehabilitation 2019/2020 Pavement Rehabilitation 2020/2021
Pavement Rehabilitation 2021/2022
 Pavement Preservation

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