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Traffic Counts

American Ave South of SR-77.pdf
Anderson Rd North of SR-84.pdf
Anderson Rd South of Maricopa Casa Grande Hwy.pdf
Arizona Farms Rd btwn Attaway Rd and Hunt Hwy.pdf
Arizona Farms Rd East of Herseth Rd.pdf
Battaglia Dr East of Sunland Gin Rd.pdf
Bella Vista Rd Btwn Desert Honeysuckel Dr and Gantzel Rd.pdf
Bella Vista Rd btwn Poncho Ln and Hunt Hwy.pdf
Bella Vista Rd East of Gantzel Rd.pdf
Broadway Ave btwn School Enterance and Mountain View Rd.pdf
Broadway Ave East of Mountain View Rd.pdf
Chuichu Rd North of Battaglia Dr.pdf
Combs Rd East of Gantzel Rd.pdf
Combs Rd West of Gantzel Rd.pdf
Cooper Rd North of Arizona Farms Rd.pdf
Don Donnelly Tr East of Superstition Mountain Dr.pdf
Eagle Crest Ranch Dr btwn Edwin Rd and SR-77.pdf
El Camino Viejo btwn US-60 and Entrada Del Oro Blvd.pdf
El Camino Viejo btwn US-60 and Silver King Rd.pdf
Eleven Mile Corner Rd btwn Hanna Rd and Cornman Rd.pdf
Eleven Mile Corner Rd North of SR-287.pdf
Eleven Mile Corner Rd South of SR-287.pdf
Empire Rd West of Gantzel Rd.pdf
Florence-Kelvin Hwy West of Biznaga St.pdf
Gary Rd South of Skyline Dr.pdf
Hidden Valley Rd South of SR-238.pdf
Hunt Hwy btwn Cooper Mine Rd and Magma Rd.pdf
Hunt Hwy btwn Stone Creek Dr and Shopping Center Driveway.pdf
Hunt Hwy btwn Thistle Tr and Bella Vista Rd.pdf
Hunt Hwy East of Thompson Rd.pdf
Hunt Hwy Southeast of Arizona Farms Rd.pdf
Hunt Hwy West of Attaway Rd.pdf
Ironwood Rd btwn Golf Course Enterance and Ocotillo Rd.pdf
Ironwood Rd North of Ocotillo Rd.pdf
Ironwood Rd South of Chandler Heights Rd.pdf
Ironwood Rd South of Combs Rd.pdf
Ironwood Rd South of Empire Rd.pdf
Jimmie Kerr Blvd btwn Selma Hwy and Peart Rd.pdf
Johnson Ranch Blvd btwn Maravilla Dr and Saddle Way.pdf
Kings Ranch Rd Northeast of US-60.pdf
Kings Ranch Rd West of Golden Rim Cir.pdf
Martin Rd West of Skousen Rd.pdf
Mountain View Rd btwn Junction St and Broadway Ave.pdf
Mountain View Rd btwn Shiprock St and Pioneer St.pdf
Mountain View Rd South of Apache Tr.pdf
Mountainbrook Dr Northeast of US-60.pdf
Murphy Rd North of Peters Rd.pdf
Ocotillo Rd East of County Line.pdf
Ocotillo Rd East of Gantzel Rd.pdf
Old Hwy 77 south east of SR-77.pdf
Overfield Rd South of Woodruff Rd.pdf
Papago Rd West of Ralston Rd.pdf
Papago Rd West of SR-347.pdf
Park Link Dr East of I-10 Frontage Rd.pdf
Park Link Dr West of SR-79.pdf
Peart Rd North of SR-84.pdf
Peralta Tr Northeast of US-60.pdf
Picacho Hwy btwn Spur St and Frontage Rd.pdf
Pima Rd East of Ironwood Rd.pdf
Pima Rd West of Schneph Rd.pdf
Pinal Air Park Rd West of I-10.pdf
Quail Run Ln North of Bella Vista Rd.pdf
Queen Valley Rd North of US-60.pdf
Ralston Rd North of Papago Rd.pdf
Ralston Rd South of SR-238.pdf
Redington Rd North of Ave G.pdf
Redington Rd North of McNab Pkwy.pdf
Redington Rd South of Main St.pdf
Redington Rd South of SR-77.pdf
Saddlebrooke Blvd East of SR-77.pdf
Saddlebrooke Blvd West of Desert Bluff Dr.pdf
San Tan Heights Blvd btwn Roadrunner Ln and Prospector Ave.pdf
Sandtrap Ct West of Kings Ranch Rd.pdf
Sasco Rd West of Aguirre Ln.pdf
Schnepf Rd btwn Hash Knife Draw Rd and Skyline Dr.pdf
Schnepf Rd South of Ocotillo Rd.pdf
Selma Hwy East of SR-84.pdf
Skyline Dr East of Sierra Vista Dr.pdf
Southern Ave East of Mountain View Rd.pdf
Stanfield Rd South of I-8.pdf
Stanfield Rd South of SR-84.pdf
Superstition Blvd East of Mountain View Rd.pdf
Superstition Mountain Dr Northeast of US-60.pdf
Thompson Rd South of Hunt Hwy.pdf
Thornton Rd North of I-8.pdf
Warren Rd South of Robin Rd.pdf
Whispering Mesquite Ln East of Mountainbrook Dr.pdf
White and Parker Rd North of SR-84.pdf

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