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Risk Management protects the Pinal County Financial assets and human resources.  We identify and evaluate risk to County employees and the public. Risk Management communicates, educates and collaborates with County departments to provide risk solutions and to promote a culture of risk-awareness.

  • Creates initiatives, training and programs to reduce the frequency and severity of work injures. Supports Department efforts.
  • Develops policies and practices to mitigate losses (such as accident reporting, investigation of losses, motor vehicle use, drug testing.
  • Drafts insurance & indemnification language for Agreements, Leases, Permits and Use Agreements to transfer risk contractually.
  • Procures insurance for specialty coverage such as Aircraft Hull & Liability, Airport Premises, Crime, Fiduciary and UAS/Drone.
  • Coordinates with Arizona County Insurance Pool and departments to ensure optimum outcomes for work-related injuries and liability claims against the County.  Investigates and resolves property damage and general liability claims below our deductible.
  • Recovers damages to County property by collecting from outside at-fault parties (Subrogation).
  • Identifies risk through surveys and department communications.


Risk Management provides a variety of safety services to Pinal County. These services include tracking and processing workers’ compensation claims, drug and alcohol testing, driver’s license checks and ratings, accident investigations, processing of small claims, coordinates the Annual Safety Roadeo, develops safety policies and procedures, and provides safety information, tracks general liability claims and works closely with the insurance pool.

Our mission is to protect Pinal County’s human and financial resources through loss prevention, control, insurance and claims management.

Risk Management

Pinal County
Risk Management

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Florence, AZ 85132

Phone: 520-866-6236
Fax: 520-866-6477

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