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Sheriff's Office

Pinal County Sheriff’s Office Adult Detention Center has launched a new Veterans program. The program is called HUMV (Housing Unit for Military Veterans). Any individual who is booked into our jail will get their veterans status verified through Veterans Affairs. If they are a veteran, they can opt to join our veterans unit. This unit will consists of veterans from different branches of the military. These inmates will have access to mentors, councilors and educational opportunities that to help them once they are released. The mentorship program continues once veterans are released to ensure they get the services they need.

This program is modeled after the HUMV program created by the Middlesex County Sheriff Peter J. Koutoujian. The Middlesex Sheriff’s Office launched its program in January 2016 and it is open to both pretrial and sentenced inmates who have served at home or abroad. The program is situated in a unit reminiscent of a military barracks and features programming specific to the needs of military veterans. The results have been extremely positive, dramatically reducing recidivism rates of veterans. Since its inception 165 individuals have gone through the unit. Amongst the 111 men who spent a minimum of 30 days in HUMV, the reconviction rate is in the single digits.

We are looking for Volunteers, Mentors and Program Managers that want to help our Military Veterans. With your help we can uplift, inspire, enrich and improve the lives of the Military Veterans who are in a time of need.

Many of our HUMV Inmates have endured experiences that are still negatively affecting them today. These experiences are manifesting themselves as issues such as a lack of Healthcare, limited Job opportunities, Homelessness, Emotional disorders and other invisible wounds stemming from military service. The Pinal County Sheriff’s HUMV Program is looking for volunteers to help in providing programs, resources and support to those men and women who sacrificed for us.

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