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Sheriff's Office

Crime Scene ID
Currently the Crime Scene Technicians who report to the Special Operations Commander Lieutenant. The technicians respond to all major crime scenes including homicides, suspicious and unattended deaths, traffic fatalities, arson, major or serial burglaries, child abuse, sex crimes, aggravated assaults, armed robberies, kidnappings and major criminal damage incidents. The Technicians are responsible for the correct and complete documentation of each crime scene. They take photographs and make diagrams of the crime scenes. They take measurements, compass readings and they record Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates. They collect and package all evidence found at the scenes and lift any latent fingerprints that are found. They write detailed reports and compile photo logs, documenting each photograph. When a case goes to court, the Crime Scene Technicians are required to give detailed explanations and illustrate the crime scene for the Judge and Jury.

In addition the Crime Scene Technicians are called upon by other law enforcement agencies to assist with major crime or accident scenes.

The Crime Scene Unit also receives assistance from the Pinal County Sheriff's Office Crime Scene Unit Volunteers and Posse on a regular basis. Posse members complete necessary data entry and filing so that the technicians may spend more time on processing evidence. Posse members also provide assistance from time to time at crime scenes in the field.

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