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Sheriff's Office

Citizens Posse

Pinal County covers nearly 5,400 square miles and is approximately the size of Connecticut. While our deputies do everything they can to be available at a moment’s notice, in a hypothetical major emergency situation or time of wide-spread unrest, they may need assistance suppressing lawlessness and defending the county.

The Citizens Posse Program offers a training course designed to show residents the reality of Police Work. In this four hour course, participants will learn the basics of constitutional law, search and seizure, basic firearm safety, home safety, and the use of force. There will also be an option to practice scenarios on our new virtual range with one of our instructors.

While we never know what the future will hold, we want to be prepared to protect our families and communities. Each applicant will be required to undergo a minimal background check and sign a waiver release form. Upon completion of the Citizens Posse training, a certificate of completion and an ID card will be issued. This course is open to all residents, not just those in Pinal County.

Please fill out this form if you are interested in the Citizens Posse: Form Link

At this time we have more than 1500 people sign up. Thank you for being patient as we work on this new program.

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