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Sheriff's Office

Region B

Region B covers the eastern half of the county including the areas of Kearny, Winkelman, Mammoth to far southeast Pinal County. The region is staffed with 37 sworn personnel and one support staff member.

Region B has first responder responsibility for the southeastern and eastern portion of Pinal County. Within this area of responsibility are both high density population and rural areas. The region enjoys great working relationships with city, state, and federal agencies since there are over eight jurisdictions the region works with daily.

Region B maintains a proactive approach on dealing with issues and does a great deal of work with the allocated resources. Personnel working within the region experience diverse calls and the two area State Routes, Hwy 77 and Hwy 79, lead to a transient and fast-growing population. We also have several state and national parks and with snow in the winter, we are a unique and well traveled region.

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