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Required Certifications & Training

  • SAR Deputies all have completed the Arizona Specific ISM Course (Incident Search Management) which has been approved through AZ Post as and tailored to Arizona search and rescue. 
  •  Technical Rope rescues which all team members are trained in Rope I,II,III, as well as helicopter rappel and short haul. 
       o Ropes I is the basic ropes class where you are taught knots and basic rope rigging
       o Ropes II you are taught to rig and run the rope systems
       o Ropes III is the final stage where you are taught the final advanced skills for going over the edge  and how to rig systems to capture victims onto your system once on the cliff face. SAR is required to conduct helo and short haul recertification’s every 120 days.
  • Swift water rescue which means that team members have completed both levels of swift water training level I,II (day & night operations).
  •  Every SAR Deputy has completed their Advanced EMT course and is able to provide basic lifesaving skills in addition to the administration of fluids via IV, as well as being able to administer blind intubations when a person has air way compromise.
  • General Instructor course completed within one year of being in the unit. 
  •  Proficiency in 4X4 operations with vehicle, quad and side by side
  • All members are taught both basic and advanced sign cutting (tracking)
  • All members are required to complete NIMS 100, 200 and 700.
    • Search Incident Planning Section Chief Course

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