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Sheriff's Office

PCSO Job Opportunities

To learn about job opportunities call the PCSO Personnel Department, fill out the Job Interest Form or visit Pinal Jobs

Phone: 520-866-5023 or 520-866-5121

Current Openings

Emergency Dispatch, Senior - Registry

Answer emergency and non-emergency calls for service, take information from callers, enter information into database, and provide assistance and information to Pinal County Sheriff's Office (PCSO) Deputies and other emergency services agencies under basic supervision. This is a safety sensitive position.


Deputy Sheriff Cadet -Registry
Applicants interested in becoming a Sheriff’s Deputy who are not yet certified should apply for this position. Deputy Cadets must successfully complete an intensive 20-week law enforcement academy.  Upon graduation, Deputy Sheriff Cadets will be promoted to Deputy Sheriff and begin Field Training.


Deputy Sheriff (Lateral)
Responsible for technical work of moderate difficulty in law enforcement or investigative duties; administers first aid; appears in court and/or hearings as a witness; arrests violators of laws; assists with crowd control; interviews witnesses; maintains chain of evidence pertinent to criminal investigations; patrols assigned area for the prevention of crime, enforcement of laws and protection of life and property; assists in surveillance work; assists in the execution of various writs, subpoenas, and court orders; prepares reports; performs other work as assigned or required.


Detention Officer -Registry
Applicants interested in becoming a Detention Officer should apply for this position.  This is a Working/Journey position, which works under general supervision. Positions at this level are assigned a broad range of duties in the occupation. The employee uses judgment in selecting appropriate guidelines and in applying general policies and procedures.



expandHow do I apply for a position with the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office?
Deputy employment opportunities. Click here
expandWhat are the required qualifications for Deputy recruits?
For Deputy Recruits, the entry level position for the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, applicants must be 21 years old at the time of the Academy graduation (or at least 20 years and 9 months at time of application). You must be a U.S. citizen and possess at least a high school diploma or a G.E.D. You must also possess a valid Arizona Driver License. All recruits must pass a written examination, a physical agility examination, an oral board examination, background investigation, polygraph examination, physical examination, drug and alcohol screening, and a psychological examination.
expandWhat are the required qualifications for an out of state applicant wanting to apply for Deputy Sheriff/Reserve Deputy?
Reserve Deputy Requirements: High School Diploma or G.E.D.; must be a minimum age of twenty-one (21), a United Stated citizen. Must be AZ POST Certified (Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training). Must possess a valid Arizona Driver License. All candidates passing the written examination, must also successfully pass a physical agility examination, oral board examination, background investigation, polygraph examination, physical examination, drug and alcohol screening, and psychological examination.
Out-Of-State Lateral: Applicants will need to follow AZ Post Rules listed at :
Out-Of-State applicants  to be considered for application review must complete and attach to application an AZPOST Record of Equivalent Training to include all required verifiable documentation. link to the form is here: (Download PDF reader)
expandWhat are the required qualifications for Lateral Deputy?
Lateral Deputy: Must currently be AZ POST Certified (Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training), currently employed by an Arizona law enforcement agency, and have completed the normal probationary period of his/her current employer. Documentation will be required. Must possess a valid Arizona Driver License. All qualified candidates must successfully pass an oral board interview, background investigation, polygraph examination, physical examination, drug and alcohol screening, psychological examination.
expandAre There any automatic disqualifiers?
The following can result in the disqualification from the process, but not limited to:

Drug Use:
  • Marijuana – Illegal use more than twenty (20) times total or more than five (5) times since age 21, or at any time in the past three (3) years.
  • Dangerous Drugs/Narcotics/Vaporous Substances – Illegal use more than five (5) times total or more than one (1) use since age 21, or at any time within the past seven (7) years. This includes dangerous drugs, narcotics, hashish, cocaine, crack, amphetamines, barbiturates, anabolic steroids (since January 1, 1994), LSD, acid, PCP, angel dust, magic mushrooms, etc.
  • Peyote/ Mescaline - Illegal use as described above. (Exception- Bona fide religious ceremonies)
  • Heroin – Illegal use at any time.
  • Sale, Production, Cultivation or Transportation for Sale of illegal drugs at any time.
  • Pattern of abuse of prescription drugs.
Theft or Misappropriation of Property:
  • Any demonstrated pattern of habitual theft.
  • Any theft while serving in a position of trust.
Acts Constituting a Felony or any Conviction for Domestic Violence Involving Physical Violence:
  • A conviction/deferred prosecution for any act which would constitute a Felony/Misdemeanor in the State of Arizona, at any time.
Fraud or Misrepresentation:
  • Any intentional attempt to practice any deception or fraud in the Employment Application, Background Questionnaire, Testing Process, or any failure to properly complete the application.
Driving Record:
  • Any recent demonstrated pattern of excessive traffic violations (for positions that require operation of a motor vehicle).
Applicants should be advised that:
  • Applicant will not receive nor are entitled to a copy of the contents of their test results.
  • No documents, copies of reports submitted by the applicant will be returned.
  • No documents, reports or information utilized for, or obtained, during the selection process will be furnished to the applicant.
  • Applicant will not be advised of the reason(s) for non-selection.
      expandWhat is on the written exam?
      The written exam consists of two parts: an essay and 100 multiple choice questions. Candidates must achieve a 70% combined score to pass. Thirty minutes is allotted to the essay and 2 hours for the multiple choice. The multiple choice questions are broken into two main sections. The first section tests your ability to read, comprehend, and recall information. You are given an information packet to study for 25 minutes. After 25 minutes, you will be asked 50 questions regarding the information in the packet. You will not be allowed to refer back to the packet. The second section of the test assesses your ability to reason and solve problems using judgment and logic.
      expandWhat are the requirements for the physical assessment exam?
      The physical assessment exam consists of:
      (1) One Minute Sit Up - 29 or more (one minute time limit)
      (2) 300 Meter Run - 68 seconds or better
      (3) Maximum Push Ups - 25 or more (no time limit)
      (4) 1.5 Mile Run - 15:20 minutes or better
      If you fail any portion of the physical assessment exam, you will be eliminated from the testing process.
      expandHow can I prepare for the Deputy testing?

      In addition to getting into good physical shape, you can purchase a study guide for the multiple choice test, please click on link:, or utilize other resources such as Barron’s Police Officer Exam. Ride alongs are strongly encouraged for anyone interested in becoming a deputy at PCSO. It is an opportunity to familiarize oneself not only with the regions of Pinal County, but to get first-hand experience of a deputy. Please complete the form and take it to any of the following substations:

      Region A Combs
      85 W. Combs
      San Tan Valley, AZ  85140
      Region B San Manuel
      190 N. Redington Road
      San Manuel, AZ  85631
      Region C Casa Grande
      820 E. Cottonwood Lane
      Casa Grande, AZ  85122
      Region D Gold Canyon
      5750 S. Kings Ranch Road
      Gold Canyon, AZ  85119

      expandThe physical assessment doesn't seem too difficult. Do I need to be in shape?
      Many applicants have a misconception that the physical assessment exam is easy. What many applicants fail to acknowledge is that each event must be completed in random succession with little time to rest. If you are not in good shape, you will not have the stamina or strength to complete each event successfully.
      expandWhat happens if I fail the written or the physical assessment exam?
      If you fail the written exam or any portion of the physical assessment exam, you will be eliminated from the testing process. You will be permitted to reapply for the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office on a later date. You will have to start the process over starting from step one.
      expandDo lateral (out-of-state) applicants have to go through the academy again?
      If qualified, applicants do not have to attend our academy but will be required to challenge AZPOST by taking a waiver test. To qualify, lateral (out-of-state) applicants must be in good standing with a law enforcement agency in the capacity of a full authority law enforcement officer; must have a minimum of one year of law enforcement experience.
      expandI only want to be in a specialty position assignment (i.e. Detective, SWAT, K9 etc). Do I have be a patrol officer first?
      All deputies initially enter patrol. Deputies who wish to test for any of our specialty assignments must meet the minimum standards the specific assignment as posted in the specific announcements. Time requirements may vary depending on the specialty assignment.
      expandIs the deputy academy a "live in" academy? Do I need to pay for it?
      The living arrangements will depend on the location of the academy. Some academies are live- in. If not the Agency will evaluate whether to allow the recruit to commute from their residence or if hotel arrangements will need to be made. Recruits are paid employees of the department and live where they want to within Pinal County. They attend the academy Monday through Friday, eight and ½ hours a day for 18 to 20 weeks. Upon graduating from the academy, they are promoted to Deputy Sheriff.
      expandHow long does the hiring process take?
      The average length of time to process a successful applicant is two-four months. However, the hiring process can take up to one year.
      expandIs there a maximum age limit?
      expandHow does the process work for out-of-state applicants?
      An out-of-state applicant will go through the same process as an in-state applicant. The applicant must make an initial trip to Florence, AZ (approximately 4 to 5 days) for the written and physical assessment exams. If the applicant passes both of these exams, the applicant may be scheduled for an oral interview, and background interview (during the same trip). After successful completion of the initial phases, the applicant will be asked to travel back out (approximately 4 to 5 days) for a command interview after which the applicant may be offered a conditional hire offer. This will include a complete medical examination, polygraph examination, U/A, and psychological evaluation. Upon successful completion of the background investigation, including the medical and psychological exams, the out of state applicant may be offered a final offer at which time the applicant will need to make arrangements to relocate to Arizona. Pinal County Sheriff’s Office will not be responsible for any travel arrangements.
      expandWhen does the academy start?
      Academy start dates will be determined once a final offer has been made. Once an applicant completes the process, they are usually placed in the next available academy class.
      expandI meet all but one of the listed minimum requirements. Does Pinal County Sheriff’s Office allow any latitude to the requirements?
      No. All applicants must meet the minimum standards without compromise. The minimum standards listed are just the minimum standards. In order to insure the integrity, credibility, and professionalism of the men and women of the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, the standards and selection process for Deputy are very high.
      expandDoes the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office offer transition assistance?
      We do not offer transition assistance.
      expandI am in the military. Should I apply now? I am in college. Should I apply now?
      An applicant should keep in mind that they must be available for the written exam, physical assessment exam and oral interview. We are able to make some accommodations on a case by case basis.
      expandIf I have a background investigation done with another agency, or have a top secret clearance in the military, will Pinal County Sheriff’s Office still do a background check?
      Yes. The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office will conduct their own thorough background investigation on every applicant who submits a background investigation packet.

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