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Sheriff's Office

Arizona Impound and Traffic Laws

For a complete look at the new law and other traffic laws go to:

ARS 28-3511 (view complete text)

If the box next to ARS 28-3511 is checked on the Vehicle Impound Report (the document given to the driver), the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office has impounded the vehicle for a period of thirty (30) days pursuant to the provisions of Arizona Revised Statute 28-3511.

The reason for the impoundment is because the driver, at the time of the traffic stop or collision, did not have a driver's license or record of a driver's license, had a revoked/suspended/canceled driver's license, was under the age of 21 years with alcohol in his/her body, was arrested for Extreme or Aggravated DUI, or was required to be operating a vehicle with an interlock device. This mandatory impound law applies to the vehicle the offender was driving, even if the driver is not the owner. This mandatory impoundment is also separate from any criminal charges filed against the driver.

ARS 28-872 (view complete text)

If the box next to ARS 28-872 is checked on the "Vehicle Impound Report" (the document given to the driver), the vehicle was towed by authority of the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office because it was abandoned, or it was a public safety risk where it was parked, the driver was arrested, the vehicle was reported stolen, or it was involved in a collision and the driver was incapacitated or otherwise unable to provide for the custody or removal of the vehicle.

  • The vehicle owner or authorized representative may claim this vehicle at any time (see "How Do I Retrieve My Vehicle") from the towing company named on the front of the Vehicle Impound Report.
  • You do not need to come to the Sheriff’s Office or request a hearing. You may Request a Hearing if you wish to try and refute the reason for the tow.
  • You must show the towing company photo identification and proof of ownership in order for this vehicle to be released to you.
  • The owner of the vehicle is liable for all towing fees and storage charges. These fees and charges are set by a contract between the towing company and the Sheriff’s Office.
    • View the current fee schedule
  • If the vehicle is unclaimed for more than ten (10) days, under Arizona law the towing company may file for an abandoned title and seek ownership of this vehicle. Contact the towing company named on the front of the Vehicle Impound Report if you have any questions about claiming your vehicle.

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