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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the amount I owe for property taxes?
How can I get a copy of the Property Tax Notice/Coupon or receipt?
When will I receive a bill? What time period does the notice cover?
My mortgage company is supposed to pay my taxes, does the Treasurer send a bill to the mortgage company?
When are property taxes due and when do they become delinquent?
Do I have to pay interest if I don't receive a tax bill?
Can I make payment arrangements?
Who do I contact regarding the Valuation of the property?
Does the county sell my house if my taxes are delinquent?
Can I pay my taxes with a Credit Card?
Can I use online banking or a bill pay website to pay bills?
What is the mailing address?
What are your office hours?
Who do I make my check payable to?
Can I wire the funds to pay my taxes?
How do I buy property for delinquent taxes?
What is a tax lien sale of property?
If I buy a piece of land that is a split portion of another parcel, why does it take so long for me to receive my own parcel number and tax bill?
Do you have a toll free phone number?
Why do I get two tax bills?
How do I submit a change of address?
How does the ownership change once my parcel is sold?
Why can’t I see an image of my tax payment check?
Who do I talk to regarding the taxing authorities or services provided by these entities listed on my tax bill?
Who sets the tax rates?
Who is Corelogic?
I sold my house so how much of the tax statement am I responsible for?
I have two tax lien holders on my property. Can I pay one lien at a time?
What are Certified Funds? Why are they required?
I just purchased this property. Why am I being told that I am responsible for the full year’s taxes?
Why do my taxes go up every year?
What are Tax Area Codes & Tax Authorities?
How can I see the rates for all the taxing authorities on my property?
How can I see what the tax levies are for the tax authority districts?
What happens when the Assessor’s office enters an adjustment?


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