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Payment Options

Online Banking / E-Pay

Every payment institutions services are unique! Contact your financial institution and ask about your online payment options today!

  • Log into your financial institutions bill pay website
  • Search for or enter the company name or payee as Pinal County Treasurer
  • Search for the category of Taxes if requested
  • Account Number = The parcel number located on your tax bill “No Dashes”
  • One parcel number per transaction (create a new payment for each parcel)
  • Address Line 1= P O Box 729
  • City= Florence
  • State= AZ
  • Zip Code= 85132
  • Enter Payment Amount
  • Enter additional information requested by your financial institution

Your payment must be scheduled to ensure that it is received in our office by the due date shown on the tax bill to avoid late penalties. Please ensure you allow enough time for your payment to be delivered per the Terms and Conditions of your online banking or bill pay website provider.

Tax Mobile Application for Apple and Android

  • Connect to your tax information or track properties in which you have an interest.
  • Be reminded of important payment due dates and property tax statuses.
  • Access our online payment options.
  • Link to county websites.

Search your app store for Pinal County Property Tax to install on your device.

Credit/Debit Card/E-Check Property Tax Payments

Visa|Mastercard|American Express|Discover|E-Check Accepted

Prior year’s delinquent tax liens must be paid with Certified Funds-Cash-Cashier’s Checks or Money Orders.

Credit Card/E-Check payments will NOT be reflected immediately on the website. Payments made online generally take 4 - 5 business days to process, however today's date will be used as the payment date. (Only Visa Debit Cards attached to a bank account are accepted).

The Pinal County Treasurer's Office has an agreement with Point & Pay, LLC to provide its customers with automated credit/Debit card/e-check payment services. Point & Pay, LLC will charge you a convenience fee for this service, which you will be notified of before you complete your payment.

The Pinal County Treasurer's Office does not receive any portion of this convenience fee. By law, the County Treasurer is not permitted to charge any fee for processing tax payments. In addition, the Treasurer is not allowed to deduct banking fees from the property tax (levy) collected, which would result in apportioning a lesser amount to the taxing jurisdictions to fund their operations. This means that, unlike private sector merchants, the Treasurer's Office cannot absorb banking fees into the cost of doing business.

Locate the parcel number and amount due on your tax statement before proceeding

Click to Pay by Credit/Debit Card/E-Check

Credit/Debit Card Property Tax Payments By Phone

Prior year’s delinquent tax liens must be paid with Certified Funds-Cash-Cashier’s Checks or Money Orders.

Locate the parcel number and amount due on your tax statement before calling

Call 1-855-663-4181 Option 1, you will hear all the available payment options and may be prompted to press 1 again.


  • Mail your payment along with your payment coupon.
  • Please write the parcel number on your check.
  • Payment Coupons can be obtained for the current tax year by printing the second page of the Tax Bill under the parcel search section.
  • Mail Payments to: Pinal County Treasurer
    P.O. Box 729
    Florence, AZ 85132
  • When you provide a check as payment, you authorize us to use the information from your check to make a one-time electronic fund transfer from your account. Funds may be withdrawn from your account as soon as the same day we receive your payment, and you will not receive your check back from your financial institution. Checks must be drawn on a U.S. Bank in U.S. Funds.

Bulk Tax Payments

Individuals or companies that own or pay on behalf of over 25 parcels may sign up for the Treasurers' Corporate Services (TCS) online application which provides the ability to lookup due amounts for parcels in mass in addition to paying their parcel list in a single payment.

Payment Drop Boxes

Payment Drop Boxes are located outside the entrances of all locations. Simply write your parcel number on your check or money order; write your address on the envelope; and place your payment in the payment drop box. A receipt will be mailed. No Cash Payments.

Office Locations

To pay in person you may visit one of our four office locations that accept tax payments.

Due dates and times are based on the Treasurer’s main office in Florence hours of operation and observed legal holidays. Satellite offices may be closed. If the delinquency date is a Saturday, Sunday or other legal holiday, the time of delinquency is 5:00 p.m. on the next business day. All taxes bear interest from the time of delinquency at the rate of sixteen per cent per year simple until paid. A fraction of a month is counted as a whole month. Additional fees may apply.

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