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San Manuel

The district around San Manuel was prospected prior to the Civil War, but there was little or no production until 1881. In the San Manuel group there are claims located in 1906 that have been held continuously to the present time. In 1944, the Magma Copper Company purchased existing mining claims in the area and launched a program of exploration and development that resulted in the present-day mine, mill, smelter, refinery and community. For the name of its new mine, Magma retained the old claim name, San Manuel, patron saint of one of the early day prospectors. Because of the isolation and immensity of the new mining project, construction to provide adequate housing for employees began in mid-l952. The town was later opened for private home ownership and real estate development. It is now 100 per cent privately owned. It is located on State Highway 76 south (left) of Highway 77 between Mammoth and Oracle.


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