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Thinking of becoming a volunteer? See a list of reasons that will help you make up your mind.
  • to feel needed
  • to get to know a community
  • to do your civic duty
  • satisfaction from accomplishment
  • to keep busy
  • to donate your professional skills
  • to have an impact
  • to be challenged
  • to feel proud
  • to make new friends
  • for religious reasons
  • to feel good
  • to be part of a team
  • provides physical and mental rewards
  • provides valuable community services so more money can be spend on local improvements
As a volunteer you help:
  • Support families [Eldercare]
  • Improve schools [Tutoring, literacy]
  • Support youth [Mentoring and after-school programs]
  • Beautify the community [Park cleanups]
As a volunteer:
  • you get a chance to give back


Links to Volunteer Services  Links to Volunteer Services

AZ Department of Transportation
Pets In Need Action League

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