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Restoration Project

The 1891 Second Pinal County Courthouse is one of Arizona’s most significant historic buildings. It is incumbent on Pinal County to continue their stewardship of this irreplaceable structure for future generations. The 1917 additions are considered historically significant and should be retained since they were designed by John Kibby, a partner in the prominent architectural firm of Lescher & Kibby which later became Lescher & Mahoney. The 1933, 1975, and 1983 additions have no significance and can be removed at the County’s discretion. Contrarily, if the additions are to be retained and rehabilitated for continued use, we recommend that some of the replicated elements such as the sheet metal entablatures, window pediments, and porches be altered in a manner that clearly distinguishes the later construction from the original 1891 courthouse. ~~ Swan Architects, Inc.

The rehabilitation of the 1891 Second Pinal County Courthouse project arose from the County’s need for additional office space to accommodate five (5) supervisors and related offices and of course the desire to preserve the historically significant courthouse. Funding for this project is provided by Pinal County.

The benefits of recycling the 1891 Pinal County Courthouse for useful purposes are:

  • Environmentally it is more sustainable then new construction;
  • Socially its survival is essential to the community’s identity;
  • Economically the rehabilitation and energy embodiment costs are less than new construction and.
  • Innovatively technological advancements in office design can be strategically integrated into the historic building without compromising the historical significance.

The entire building which includes the 1891 courthouse and 1917, 1933, 1975, and 1983 additions will be rehabilitated / renovated for adaptive use. Interior improvements include rehabilitating and restoring the historically significant primary spaces and renovating the less significant spaces. The project also includes the installation of new mechanical, electrical, and fire sprinkler systems; design of a new elevator system; reinforcing floors; design of a board of supervisors hearing room; meeting rooms; offices; and accessible restrooms. Exterior improvements include rehabilitation of the brick and mortar, metal entablatures, metal door and window surrounds, wood windows (at ceremonial courtroom only) and other miscellaneous improvements. The wood windows sashes in all other locations will be replicated while the original wood casings, moldings, and similar components will be restored in place. The non-original metal entablatures at the latter building additions will be removed.

Site improvements include the design of ADA sidewalks, new underground utilities, a mechanical yard, landscaping and irrigation systems, and signage.

Project Goals
The goal is to restore / rehabilitate / renovate the 1891 Second Pinal county Courthouse and building additions in accordance with The Secretary of the Interior Standards for adaptive use by Pinal County and to complete the entire project without phasing. The end result will be the preservation of an irreplaceable historical resource for future generations.


Restoring the Courthouse

Remembering the Past


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