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Kevin Cavanaugh

P.O. Box 827
Florence, AZ 85132
ph: 520.866.7830
fx: 520.866.7838 

118 Catalina Avenue
Mammoth, AZ 85618
ph: 520.487.2941

Office Hours:
M-Th: 9am-3pm

[email protected]
[email protected]

Kevin Cavanaugh began his public service career in 1986 as a reserve police officer and retired from policing in 2004 after a line of duty injury. Supervisor Cavanaugh's roles included patrolman and detective. He has also served as an Internal Affairs Manager to provide service in prosecution, defense, working with civil legal teams, and roles as an investigator and Administrative Manager.

Supervisor Cavanaugh brings a wealth of experience and educational background to Pinal County, holding a Bachelor's degree in Public affairs and soon to complete a B.S. in Accounting. He has helped develop training programs for business and government, from business profitability topics to death investigation.

Pinal County is beginning to see considerable economic growth, and Supervisor Cavanaugh will apply his skills as an entrepreneur, having owned several successful businesses, including retail, printing, manufacturing, and logistics. He has also helped many small business owners get started with advice and hands-on guidance and looks forward to helping businesses flourish in Pinal County.

Kevin Cavanaugh and his wife Anna Samai live in Coolidge and have experienced the booms and busts like many of District One's small towns. Supervisor Cavanaugh looks forward to aiding in the long-term economic growth, educational enrichment, and preservation of District One's great heritage.

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Serving on the Board of Adjustment:

  • The Board of Adjustment meets monthly or as business arises.

  • The Board meets on the fourth Thursday of every month except for November and December, meetings start at 9:00 a.m. typically last approximately four hours.

  • Board members must reserve time to read a staff report and the pertinent sections of the Zoning Ordinance prior to a meeting.

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