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Pinal County Redistricting 2022

To preserve the one-person, one vote requirement of the U.S. Constitution, any jurisdiction that elects public officials from a defined area must adjust the shapes of those areas or districts after every federal census to re-equalize population.

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Guiding Policies & Principles:

  • Representation: Electoral maps must follow the principle of “one person, one vote,” in which each district has a substantially similar number of people.
  • Compactness: There should be a minimum distance between all the parts of a constituency, for example a circle,square or a hexagon is the most compact district.
  • Contiguity: All parts of a district must be connected at some point with the rest of the district.
  • Preservation of political subdivisions: City or town boundaries should be considered when drawing districts to
    avoid splitting communities.
  • Preservation of communities of interest: Geographical features and areas such as neighborhoods or unincorporated communities where the residents have common interests, should be considered when drawing districts and kept intact.
  • Preservation of cores of prior districts: To preserve continuity of representation and to the extent possible, effort should be made to maintain the core of the districts as previously drawn.
  • Avoid pairing incumbents: Electoral maps should strive to avoid creating districts that would create contests
    between incumbents.
  • Favoring or disfavoring an incumbent, candidate, or party is prohibited. District lines should not intentionally
    or unduly favor a person or individual political group.
  • Competitiveness: The Arizona constitution states that “to the extent practicable, competitive districts should be favored where to do so would create no significant detriment to the other goals.” This criterion typically seeks to avoid the creation of “safe” districts for a particular party.


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