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Ordinances (Present to 1998 available online)
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Res./Ord. #
Date Approved
012010-AEO1/20/2010amending the Pinal County Zoning Ordinance by adding Article 35: Adult Oriented Businesses and Adult Service Providers repeals in its entirety Ordinance No. 62597-AEO
2010-012010-SEO1/20/2010amending the Pinal County Zoning Ordinance by Amending Article 21 Section 2102 o. and Article 23 Section 2329 and adding Section 2329a Regulating the Administration of Special Events and Special Event Permits
2010-021010-DSC2/10/2010Codification of all Development Services Ordinances and naming the Codification the Pinal County Development Services Code
030310-DF3/3/2010relating to the application and use of Development Fees; and providing for the calculation and application of credits toward the applicable Development Fees
050510-ACC5/5/2010Pinal County Rabies and Animal Control Ordinance
052610-EDFS5/26/2010approving the Election Fee Schedule for Pinal County Elections
061610-DROZ6/16/2010amending the Pinal County Zoning Ordinance No. 61862 by amending Article 33A Design Review Overlay Zone, by repealing Article 33A and replacing the text of this Article in its entirety
061610-MEF6/16/2010establishing a fee to be imposed by the Pinal County Department of Health and Human Services to permit the recovery of the costs of the Medical Examiner’s Office for certain services provided to the public

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