Frito-Lay & Pinal County Partnership


Frito Lay-Casa Grande is the proud recipient of the "LEED Gold Existing Building" designation by the US Green Building Council and also the 2010 Arizona Manufacturers Council, “Manufacturer of the Year".

Frito-Lay North America (FLNA), a division of PepsiCo, is the leading salty snack food producer in the United States and has $13 billion in global sales.

The Frito-Lay Casa manufacturing site is located at 1450 West Maricopa Highway in Casa Grande, Arizona. The site was built in 1984 in Pinal County and currently employees over 350 individuals from the city of Casa Grande, Pinal County, and the surrounding community. In addition to this manufacturing facility, FLNA runs distribution centers and sales offices in the state. In total, FLNA employs more than 1000 people in Arizona.

The products produced at the Casa plant include: Lay's and Ruffles potato chips, Doritos tortilla chips, Tostitos tortilla chips, Crunchy Cheetos cheese flavored snacks, Fritos corn chips and SunChips multigrain snacks.

Frito Lay Casa Grande PlantFrito-Lay's vision is to Inspire Well-Being. It is shaped by three major trends: increased focus on health & wellness, especially when it comes to healthy eating; growing interest in caring for the environment and purpose in life, which extends to employees wanting to feel valued and to bring value to their work.

In March of this year, the facility installed a new SunChips® line. These products provide a serving of whole grains, which are important for health and wellness. But not only are they good for you, they are good for the plant and the community. SunChips is now packaged in the world's first 100 percent compostable chip bag. The compostable bags are made from PLA, a plant-based material, and are designed to fully decompose in about 14 weeks when placed in a hot, active compost heap. By using plant-based renewable materials, SunChips has a promising transformational solution that provides a new option for the millions of SunChips bags produced annually.

Inspire the Planet

Frito-Lay has made a strong commitment and investment in environmental sustainability. The Casa Grande/Pinal County manufacturing facility is undertaking a significantly more ambitious project - Near Net Zero. The facility has developed an innovative strategic approach that will significantly reduce its use of key major resources and reduce its overall environmental footprint. The project incorporates photovoltaic solar array, a membrane bioreactor process water treatment facility, and a district energy system fueled by renewable wood and agriculture waste.

The end result will be a world class food manufacturing facility infrastructure that will be designed to require minimal natural gas for steam production, minimal electricity from the grid and will dramatically reduce water consumption through recycling. The sum of these projects will create a model food production facility that is virtually near net zero. When completed in 2011, the plant should become a model for all industry to demonstrate the efficiency, emissions and economic benefits of renewable energy.

The District Energy System will produce steam to serve multiple thermal energy processes at the facility. Electricity for the plant will be produced by the photovoltaic field; and process water will be recycled through a Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Process Water Filtration plant which will be fully commissioned in May of 2010 and was permitted through Pinal County.

These renewable energy capital projects have many direct benefits to the state, Pinal County and local communities:

  • Estimated reduction of CO2 emissions of 14,000+ pounds.
  • Recycling of up to 85% of the site's process wastewater.
  • 50% of the electricity used at the site produced with solar power and 100% of the steam energy needs made with renewable sourced wood waste / bio mass boiler.
  • The creation and retention of long-term, high quality engineering, manufacturing and construction jobs.

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