AAED Member Spotlight: Stephanie Maack

AAED Member Spotlight: Stephanie Maack Economic Development Program Manager, Pinal County

Stephanie Maack has been with Pinal County for more than six years and serves as the Program Manager overseeing Tourism and Small Business Development. She is an active member of AAED participating in committees such as the Southern Arizona Committee and the Government Legislative Affairs Committee. Stephanie was a key member of the Pinal County Team in 2018 when the organization was awarded an AAED Economic Development Distinguished by Excellence (EDDE) award for Medium Sized Organization of the Year.

When asked about AAED and her career, this is what Stephanie had to say:

What drew you to your Economic Development role with Pinal County? In the 145 years since Pinal County was founded, there has not been an official tourism program established. With a focus on tourism, we will bring awareness of the exciting and adventurous opportunities there are to experience within the County. We want to be a better partner with our small business community. Pinal County is committed to doing everything we can to support businesses of any size.

Nikola's location in Pinal County is an important win for economic development. Can you talk about the project and the role it will play in the county? The Nikola project is going to have a significant tax revenue stream increase i.e.: construction tax, property tax, etc. Also, with the high manufacturing multiplier average the supporting industries will also have a similar positive effect on the county and city tax revenues. Nikola will bring over 2,000 high paying jobs which will bring better quality of life to the employees and it will also help increase the poverty rate.

What advice do you have for those just starting in economic development? My advice would be to know, in great detail, the geographic area you represent. You must know your area to be able to sell it.

What would you tell your younger self today? Knowledge is power. Obtain as much education as you can.

If you had a magic wand that would give you one tool to support your community, what would it be? This question was a struggle for me because I wish I could give everyone everything they needed. If I could give one tool, it would be “shared vision”. If you don’t have “shared vision”, how can you obtain your goals?

What advice do you have for AAED newbies? How has your membership with AAED helped your career? I would advise to attend as many training opportunities the AAED offers as well as the symposiums and conferences. AAED is an amazing organization with multiple opportunities to learn more about the economic development industry along with networking with some of the best people in the state.

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