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Will the Classification Yard obstruct sightseeing and activities at Picacho Peak?

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The Red Rock Project is a classification yard, where a rail company optimizes efficiency and reduces the number of trips made hauling empty cars.  Tucson and Flagstaff are Arizona's biggest rail towns with Phoenix in the middle.  Presently, cars are hauled up to Phoenix, unloaded, hauled back to Tucson and then elsewhere. 
The Red Rock Project would further Union Pacific's efficiency, at the same time creating new jobs.  The Union Pacific has made major investments in Arizona and Pinal County and its presence in Pinal County is a key driver for a producer economy whether the product is raw materials, finished product ready for market or agricultural supplies and products.

The Red Rock Project will be a long-term boost for economic development, creating one of the largest logistics centers in the Western United States. Union Pacific alone will create hundreds of permanent job positions and promote development of untold job numbers related to manufacturing industries using the yard.
By attracting industrial developments along the I-10 corridor,
investment in nearby communities will increase. The Red Rock Project will enhance Arizona’s competitive future by creating an anchor to attract manufacturing investments. This 250 acre project will be surrounded by more than 1,000 acres of industrial land that has the potential to be served by rail.

By supporting The Union Pacific Red Rock Project, you are helping to create jobs. We are collecting the names of citizens and elected officials in a show of support. We know that it will bring jobs and prosperity to the surrounding area.

The Red Rock facility will directly produce hundreds of jobs, creating one of the largest logistics centers in the Western United States.
The result: thousands of well paying jobs! Whether you're a private citizen, political, governmental or commercial entity in Arizona, show your support by joining the Red Rock Coalition for the establishment of the Union Pacific job-creating facility. Arizona only works when the citizens of Arizona are working.

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