Priority Express Permitting

Pinal County has implemented this process for qualified new, expanding or relocating businesses. The County has recognized the need to offer a business friendly environment which allows businesses to relocate, expand rapidly and efficiently. Pinal County is committed to streamlining where possible, its Specific and Commercial Site Plan Review Process.

 Priority Express Program Description

In all instances, the new or expanding business shall have completed with true and accurate information the Economic Impact Data Sheet and Priority Express Project Program Application provided by the Economic Development Department of Pinal County. To Request the Economic Impact Data Sheet and Priority Express Project Application Click Here


  • An expedited Specific and Commercial Site Plan Review Process for qualified projects
  • A business-friendly economic development professional, that will assist projects through the development review process
  • Pre-development meetings, initiated by Pinal County development professionals. These meetings play a vital role in eliminating unexpected delays during the development review process
  • Pinal County staff assistance with coordination of all necessary parties, such as scheduled monthly meetings with utility company representatives

For those expanding or relocating commercial and industrial businesses meeting the following criteria, an expedited permitting process as described in Section 2 hereof shall be offered:

  • Creation of a minimum of 100 permanent full-time jobs within the first 12 months after its expansion or relocation to Pinal County; or
  • Production of a minimum two million dollars in gross annual payroll; and
  • Creation of a multiplier effect of at least 1:1; and
  • An increase in property value for construction of a new or expanded facility; and
  • The proposed site is properly zoned and platted for intended use; and
  • In all instances, the completion of the qualifying process implemented by the Economic Development Manager for Pinal County through the Economic Impact Data Sheet, Priority Projects Program Application, and identification as a target industry pursuant to determination by the Pinal County Board of Supervisors

For businesses that meet the above described criteria, Pinal County agrees to take the following actions in an effort to streamline the permitting process:

  • Make available a business friendly economic development professional during the qualifying process to better inform the prospective business of County requirements in anticipation of the initial meeting with County staff; and
  • Create a Development Review Team for each qualifying project which shall be headed by an individual whose job will be to facilitate meetings, and act as a single contact to whom all information is submitted and from whom answers to the business questions shall be obtained; and
  • Cause the Development Review Team to conduct an initial meeting with the business (pre-application conference) to discuss the overall project and to develop a checklist of items, documents and submittals needed for its specific project. A plans review timeline will be developed and agreed upon by both parties which includes submittal deadlines and review for all development related issues. Components of the schedule to facilitate a project may include but are not limited to:
    • regularly scheduled work sessions with the business’ project team,
    • Follow-up meeting with the business’ project team to discuss the review comments, submittal dates, review schedules, permitting in phases and completions in phases; and
  • Subject to the business’ adherence to the schedule, review and written comments will be provided within fifteen (15) working days of submittal of required program application documents to the County. A master timeline will be developed by the Development Review Team for the project and will also include the plans review timeline in addition to review and negotiation timelines for the business agreements and other necessary documents; and
  • Staff review of plans and written comments will adhere to the customized schedule and permitting process; and
  • Where necessary, permits will be provided on a phased approach; and
  • Reasonable effort and commitment of priority placement on Planning and Zoning Commission agenda, and in extraordinary circumstances, priority placement on Board of Supervisors agenda to obtain necessary approvals or resolve special issues.

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