Standard Project Processing Times

Listed below are standard estimated review processing times. Projects qualifying for Priority Express permit times will work with the County to create an expedited master timeline for the project which will also include the plans review timeline in addition to review and negotiation timelines for the business and legal staff regarding easement dedication, development agreements, economic development agreements and other necessary documents.

Commercial / Industrial Subdivision
Commercial / Industrial Site Plan34 WD19 WD14 WD9 WD
Traffic Impact Analysis34 WD19 WD14 WD9 WD
Drainage Report34 WD19 WD14 WD9 WD
Tenant Improvements *  ** (Building Safety)34 WD19 WD14 WD9 WD
Environmental *  ** (Air Quality; Wastewater)34 WD19 WD14 WD9 WD
Utilities / Infrastructure *  ** (within right-of-way)34 WD19 WD14 WD9 WD
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