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Response from Pinal County Public Health Services District

PINAL COUNTY, June 10,2020 - Core functions of Pinal County remain open and operational although many departments have changed hours of operation, switched to online or telephonic services, or require appointments.  These service changes are done to protect public health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Of critical interest to the public are services the Pinal County Public Health Services District provides. Public Health is taking an active role in minimizing the spread of COVID-19. Pinal County Public Health continues to provide essential services, as detailed below.

Public Health Clinics:

  • We encouraging all of our clients to schedule an appointment prior to coming in.
  • To ensure we can provide social distance in our clinic lobbies, we are limiting the amount of individuals who are in our clinic lobby to 2 at one time.  If numerous clients show up for service, we will kindly ask the clients to wait outside in their car, or provide them with a time when they can return.
  • We are requiring all clients to come prepared with a mask, and those who cannot obtain one prior to their appointment will be provided with one.  This will help protect clients, our staff and others around them.
  • Immunizations services will still be offered at the following clinics: Casa Grande, San Tan Valley, Apache Junction, and Mammoth.  For child immunizations, only 1 parent should attend with the child if possible.
  • STD testing, clients must contact (866) 960-0633 to schedule a Telephone/Virtual appointment.  The Nurse Practitioner conducting the visit will determine if the client needs to come into the clinic based on the client's symptoms.
  • Birth control pills and refills will be available for mail or pick-up. Non urgent routine services, including annuals will be rescheduled. Family planning services will be offered telephonically out of the Casa Grande, Apache Junction and San Tan Valley Clinics. One Nurse Practitioner will be available upon rotation for priority in-person visits.
  • The clinics will screen patients at the clinic for symptoms of COVID-19, however, COVID-19 testing is not provided. To schedule an appointment for family planning or for additional information about services at the Pinal County Public Health Clinics please call (866) 960-0633.

Additional Pinal County Public Health service changes:

  • Vital Records: Pinal County Vital Records is open at the Casa Grande, San Tan Valley, and Maricopa public health clinics. Please bring copies of the documents required to obtain a birth or death certificate. A listing of required documents can be found here. You will be able to leave your documents, payment, and application in a secure location and your requested certificate(s) will be mailed to you. You may also send in your request for a certificate by mail. Please send all required documents and payments to: Pinal County Vital Records, PO Box 2945, Florence, AZ 85132. If you have any questions, please contact us by calling the Pinal County Public Health Central Appointment Desk at 1-866-960-0633.

  • WIC: As of April 1, all WIC appointments will be offered by phone only. Clients who need a breast pump, an eWIC card, or clients who do not have the ability to complete an appointment by phone will be offered in-clinic appointments. Clients can schedule appointments through the Pinal County Public Health Central Appointment Desk by calling 1-866-960-0633.

  • Environmental Health: Restaurant and food service inspections will continue to protect public health while implementing physical distancing into their inspection procedure. More communications and investigations may be conducted remotely than under normal circumstances. Environmental Health is evaluating each establishment’s records and prioritizing their inspections accordingly.

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