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Ten Vaccine Facts 
1. Infants are the most vulnerable population when it comes to infectious diseases. It is critical to protect them through proper immunization.
2. Although some diseases are non-existent in the United States, the ease of traveling globally has made importing diseases a persistent hazard. It is important to ensure your child is properly vaccinated for all preventable diseases by the age of two.
3. Just last year, Arizona experienced an outbreak of measles resulting from exposure to an unimmunized tourist. While the outbreak was primarily contained within the Tucson metro region, Pinal County had a single case involving a child who eventually recovered from the disease.
4. Vaccinations are cost effective. Did you know that for every dollar spent on vaccinating a child, there will be a direct savings of $6.30 in medical costs. If you factor in the indirect savings (time lost from work due to sickness or disability) that figure jumps to $18.49 per every dollar spent on vaccinations.
5. A high vaccination rate among children reduces the chance of an epidemic, thus playing a critical role in safeguarding public health not only on a local level but globally as well.
6. In a study presented to the Pediatric Academic Societies Conference, immunizations prevent 10.5 million cases of infectious illness and 33,000 deaths in the United States.
7. Childhood immunizations have wiped out Small Pox, Diphtheria and Polio in the United States. There have been dramatic decreases in measles, mumps and rubella. It is important that parents have their children immunized to prevent a resurgence of wiped out diseases.
8. Pinal County Public Health and other healthcare providers are an excellent source for understanding what immunizations a child needs by the age of two.
9. Safety of vaccines are at an all-time high. Vaccines are rigorously tested before placed on the open market. Several agencies from the CDC to Pinal County Public Health monitor the safety of vaccines.
10. It is important that healthcare providers and parents share the responsibility for making sure a child is fully immunized by the age of two.

Free Vaccines for Children

Immunizations are available on a walk-in basis. Visit the Clinic Locations Page or call 1-866-960-0633
for more information. 

All required and recommended vaccines are available at no charge for children under the age of 18.


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