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Immunizations for Pinal County Employees

In Arizona, what are the vaccine requirements for schools and day care centers?

Who licenses, recommends and requires vaccines?

What are the recommended vaccination schedules for children, teens, and adults?

Why is it important to immunize?

What are the vaccine preventable diseases?

Photos of vaccine preventable diseases

What are the risks of not getting vaccinated?

What would happen if we stopped vaccinations?

Are vaccines safe?

Do vaccines weaken the immune system?

Do vaccines cause autism?

Can vaccines cause disease or is it coincidence?

Is vaccine safety monitored?

What are common vaccine misperceptions or misinformation?

What are the possible side effects from vaccines?

Who should not get vaccinated?

What are the standards for immunization practices?

How can I determine if a site contains credible vaccine information?

How are vaccines made?

How do vaccines work?

Why are some vaccines given as a single dose and others as multiple doses?

What vaccines do I need if I am planning to travel internationally?

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