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Earlier this week, the Rural Metro Fire Department in San Tan Valley presented Dep. Jeff McElwain with an award in honor of his lifesaving efforts above the call of duty.

On July 19, 2017, Dep. Jeff McElwain responded to a call of a 16-month-old that was pulled from a pool and was not breathing. When Dep. McElwain arrived, he found the child's face turning blue, limbs limp, and the whites of his eyes were showing. Dep. McElwain performed CPR as well as applied an AED to the toddler. Shortly after, the toddler began to breathe, his pupils reappeared and his arms and legs were starting to not be as limp. Moments later, Rural Metro Fire Department arrived and confirmed that the toddler was breathing on his own.

A year later, he's doing just fine.

This accident could have ended tragically. Let this be another reminder to always keep an eye on your kids, especially around water. They may have just learned to walk, but they can move pretty quickly.

Thank you Dep. Jeff McElwain for your lifesaving efforts!

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